Sunday, April 21, 2013

To paint well

To paint is one of the ways to convey one's message or episode. Do I carry the meaning of what I tell
the viewer in porper manner?  Well done piece of art work can give visual pleasure, sometimes ,
it has a certain capability of provoking one's thoughts and leading to another productive reponse.
I believe that the art is valuable as it moves to transport influential power to the soul.  Therefore,
well trained or exquisite skill is important  in order to deliver right and precise indication of subject.
Since painting is a kind of language in terms of visual sequence. We like to tag a well done paint work as masterpiece. Probably, every painter dreams of leaving a  masterpie into the world.
Surely, I wish to be remembered as  an artist who create well done paint works for every piece.
Craftmanship is a great means and previllage for artist.  Eventually, making art is beyond the trick of hands. Only the spirit can push it to forward to the surface.  So what we have to keep in mind deep inside is not to paint well  but to think well. Well done piece lies on what we try to tell and give to the viewer but not on how we are skillful genius. Generally, master pieace depends on how much human beings are affected in various areas.

Still life with shade (14x16; color pencil)