Wednesday, May 1, 2013

15 minutes a day

                                          Dusk in Jonesboro, GA(Pastel: 18x22)

Many a people  wish some magical event or magnificent, proud experience walk into our lives, but we rarely don't know how. And we know we can spare at least 15 minuets to do something we have to or want to start.  This is one way to break up with daily procrastination in ease. Daily 15 minutes leads you to grow nice garden in a month. With your 15 minutes, you can write a book in a year. 15 minutes a day in 3 years, you'll make an master of your field. So, let us make simple 15 minutes for a day on your work  bring wonderful magic.  As long as I do this math, I  will see myself the miracle mileage accumulated in my jewelry chest.