Sunday, October 27, 2013

Oil Painting No. 8 & 9 ; Sound of little creek / Color of tomorrow

Sound of little creek( Oil on gessoboard : 6 x 6)
This is another variation of previous painting little creek with pastel. I put more vibrant color recipe for imaginative feeling,  and I also I experimented bold brush stroke, this is was so fun.
Color of Tomorrow (Oil : 6x 6)
This smooth and moody stroke is more like me. I tried to capture soft image of the creek scene with oil, I used to do with pastel with this type of touch, but with oil medium is not so controllable comparing to pastel, as for oil, once oil color touches the surface, it does not smear in smooth manner like pastel does. However, I learn different phase and features of oil paint while concentrating on painting. Either way, it was interesting and satisfactory for me.