Monday, October 7, 2013

Starting 40 oil paintings project

                                           Peace at noon ( 6 x6 : Oil on gessoboard panel)

Maybe it is time for me to break from pastel for a while. I started 40 oil painting project for my improvement and some kind of change or for sense of stretch. Whatever I call it, I need some challenge at this time and I started painting with oil medium. Actually, it's been quite a while ago holding oil brush for my work. This is the first work for my plan this year. I am not sure how long it would  take to finish up my intention, but I wish I could finish before 40 days  come by. I name it my second project 40, why?  because my previous project was 30 pastel paintings. I hope I could probably do one a day if possible.

This scene is from the photo taken while looking around flowers and plant town situated on a small lake area while my stay in G.A.    It was almost noon,  the flower garden and the house was so bright and I wanted caputre it.