Sunday, December 1, 2013

Oil painting 13 -Garden gate

                                                        Garden gate ( Oil 6x6)

My daily painting came along long time since last one, almost a couple of weeks. Oh !
What is happening to me, procrastination perhaps.  Subdued passion for painting.
Maybe i need a break. but it should not be that long. Even though you don't have any viewer or audience or reader on your side, you have to keep going. Making art is really solitary job. You are the only one who pressure yourself.  On the other hand you are the boss.
It is important to manage your time and your physical energy and strategy and plan. So all responsibility is yours.  Any way if I could paint, I am lucky person.  It is such a good opportunity and favorable environment. I hope some day, it would make some rewarding and desirable outcome.

Originally,my enthusiasm was made to focus on landscape with pastel. I 've been using this medium roughly 7 years plus. Lately, I moved to oil to hone my oil painting skill. Oil is sometimes so fun.
Creamy feel on the panel and so tolerable for correction until it dries completely. Meanwhile, it's kind of frustration when comes to landscape, my style is sort of  imaginary scene based on real scenes.
It is not quite realism, though, It has more atheistic phase with personal memory and mood.
In terms of this, oil is not appropriate, somehow.  Some time later, I will have move back to pastel,

Holidays , end of year come closer, now I am supposed to  organize my goal and project well for another year to come. So as not to  have any guilty feeling on wasting time at all.

These days, I do some still life painting in small scale,  It's so warm enough over 70 degree in southern California here, I wished  I could paint snow scene. but you know it is rare here, unless you travel to the northern part. For a while, forget about snow scene, as long as you are in California.
Next week I will put some  still life paintings on Dailypaintworks.