Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pastel small painting

Fresh Sound (Pastel :6 x 6)


Past few months, I was into oil painting. Oil painting was not my primary choice of medium for work. Pastel is preferred for its luminosity and immediacy, and simplicity for set up. But to learn and experiment feature of oil painting, I was away from pastel dust  for a while.  Now I am back to pastel, then, I feel so funny because I miss for oil painting's slick and uncontrollably rough and tough quality, which you will come across when you do wet into wet method. You really need to use glazing  method to achieve  more delicate expression. On the other hand, pastel is just simple to adjust and direct to achieve what you want.  Whatever the  medium, we need to have some time to adjust to one.  I am not the person who can do two things at one time, I get easily  distracted when I do that. Therefore, I do one thing at a time.

This scene is from the part of  the  Chattahoochee River area, Jones bridge park in GA.