Thursday, May 15, 2014

Be still in the pond

Be still in the pond(Pastel : 5 x7 )

Few years ago, I photographed this pond in summer or spring,during my residence in Atlanta, GA.The same was completed in watercolor last year. This is fishing pond and the surroundings are so quiet.  The atmosphere was so calm and I could not make any sound as  I feared that my voice might  break the peace in the pond.

 Oh well, all the trees and plants and bushes are mostly green including light green and yellow.  But now, to paint literally is tiresome for me. I decided to put drastic variation about the color recipe. Did my artistic endeavor went too far? I always want to call viewer to the painting. Let's say it is another imaginative color for now.
No matter how the effort to attract viewer will be considered success or failure, the quest will be continued, as that is responsibility of artist, I think.

Below is watercolor painting of the same location.
Fishing spot( Watercolor; 11 x 14)