Monday, May 12, 2014

Spring Creek

Spring creek(Pastel: 5 x 7) 

Break out from the every day life with many hustles and noisy surroundings is always my wish. I love little creek running between mountain trails.During spring through summer, I like to go out to hike on the mountains and appreciate the nature and breathe the fresh air into my body and soul. It seems that all the broken heart can be solaced  in a way...... The nature has power of healing on emotional or physical part. It is amazing for human beings to have this privileges.

Sometimes, I contemplate on the color of the nature. Most common color is green in the spring and summer. I ask why the color of the trees and leaves and grasses is originally green, why not red or purple or brown or grey. This is yet to be questioned. I don't have answer. It is total mystery for me. In the season of awakening from the sleeping mode, we can see the green all around. The richness of the green.  However, if you think more broad, you will find all the different colors from the world of green. tree trunks and the earth, rocks, buds of flowers, the water reflections. and cloud, sky and the atmosphere,
these are the factors to give all other colors existing in the world. Also, we get the good different colors in different season. So I think that  color of  the nature is not so simple anyway.

This painting done from my imagination and desire to show another color of the nature  but green.