Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pleinair artist group in WA-paint out

Blue poppy

PAWA Blue Poppy Day - Art in Bloom, May 16th ,2015

Paint-out event was held at Rhododendron Species Foundation & Botanical Garden,Federal way, WA.

Since I joined PAWA(Plein Air Washington Artists) last month, I was able to attend this event which was first for me and made plein air painting practice on that day. I carried pastels rather than oil paint.  I met  a few Plein air artists and good to have a talk with other artists  and the weather was cloudy not so bright. I forgot to take a shot on my plein air set up. It was fun painting outside from life, even though I only find all green surroundings, which I like to rather avoid on my painting lately, nevertheless I could not help painting in green.  As I can not get away from it in the "garden".

  These are my outcome on the spot, plein air studies with pastel, done between 11AM and 3 PM until I come home. It was worthy of one Saturday spent.