Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Red tone underpainting preparation

Recently I experimented what I did not think to use for traditional underpainting process.
 I believe that some artist use this kind of method. What did I do with this red tone underpainting? It is understood that in order to paint traditional landscape painting, raw umber or transparent oxide orange or neutral color for preparation, but this red tone is kind of tricky to adjust color value.  However if you use loose brush stroke in alla prima technique, no layers, the underpainting color will shine through entire painting and lead you to totally unique experience. Especially, it is so fun to use colorful hue in free style.

AM canyon light(oil on panel: 11 x 14 in)

PM rays(Oil on panel: 11 x 14 in)

Voila, Those are the finished product based on red tone underpaintings. Fun and interesting. Sometimes new trial brings you an exciting satisfaction and accomplishment.