Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Daily Painter

Lately, I found that  daily paining idea or concept is in fashion among the 2 dimensional artists.
In fact, when I wanted to be an artist, my thought about painting size was big enough. Only when
I can initiate  my  passion for art within limited time and space and art environment, I could use
pastel due to its facility of use at hand.  Even though I used oil and watercolor medieum in short period of time. Concerning oil paints, you need  lots of gadgets and supplies beside you. The main reason I used soft pastel is its immediacy and efficiency compare to other materials of medium.
 Now a days, I think I could apply soft pastel for daily painting challenge.

The idea of daily painting is practically good for training your skill. In order to to that, painting size should be smaller than regular size(16x 20) over and larger.  In that way, you could create tiny minature less than 11x 14.  Since painting size is small, finishing speed can be faster overall.
This is fresh but a little bit foreign to me. I usually paint whenever my painting urge wake me up. Because this is toallay different from my prior thoughts about painging that it shoud be matured in time span.  Anyway, this is what I  will try for myself in the days to come.  I hope this will not make me burn out in making some art in the future.  Painting everyday could be overwhelming as ideas for painting runs out. Perhaps I will think I need a break between days.

That's why it would be challenging somehow. 
Trees in the river(Watercolor 11x14)
This scene is from the Chatahoochee river side, Atlanta, GA.