Monday, April 8, 2013

Painting is reflection

Why do you paint at all?
You can also ask musician; why do you compose music?
Paint landscape, or an object stll life, whatever you paint, creating process is totally formed by a method of communication, from heart to hand, it moves together, they are all intergrated.
Within the design and color and compositon of a painting work,  mood and atmosphere can be transferred to viewers. It seems to me that people paint and draw or compose so that painter, writer,
composer  should deliver certain kind of informations to the world. 

Couple of days ago, I caught the news that a well known pastelist, Maggie Price passed away.
(It was known that she was diagnoed brain cancer) It is very sad for her.
Even though I never met her personally, her paintings were very much exposed in the artist world. I used to browse  her paintings on her blogs and website.

So suddenly, such intimidating thughts coming in, that you don't expect when you should leave this world or how much time left ahead of you . In life span, you can't count or decide how long, you would be allowed.  But what can we do, No matter how we are young or old, you don't have any previllage to decide. Only thing we can do is while I am here with people and world, I go forward to do whatever necessary to  stay healthy in body and mind,  that way I can make a sound to the people , they will know that I am alive. As long as I am allowed I will use my means to show and tell my visual voice with enthusiasm.
Still life with candle (pastel 18x20)