Sunday, May 19, 2013

Daily small commitment

To go one step forward, I made one commitment to myself. I will make small 30 paintings for 30 days. This is to improve and maintain the level of creating art. When my concern  and desire for makeing art become energy to manage my artstic life well, I should let grow enough to reach for some realistic stage.  It's been a couple days I joined daily paintworks. I posted one small painting for auction starting bid for $30.00.

No. 1.  In to the green(pastel 5x7)
This was from a view in the  park next to my place, Duluth, GA where I used to walk in the morning almost every day in spring time as usual, most of the surroundings are green, this is really risk and challenge to decribe literal color as it is, but in order to escape of it, I wanted to picure it with full of it, in that way, when I leave this spot, there will be no regret for not painting that scene. Since, this leafy green moisturized woods and meadow is rare in the extreme dry sunshine weather of Sothern