Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Passion of weekend Painter

                                          Yellow, Pink, Blue(Pastel: 11x14)

In 2004,  I was determined to paint even only weekend spare time, I had so much eager passion for
producing many mindful artworks,but time goes by, the more I paint, the harder it is to arrive at the  level of professionalism. The more I try to develop my own style, the more blocks wrestles inside of my emotional sphere. It seems so hard to get out of weekend painter. I come to think that anyway,
painting mileage will says it all after all. To overcome weak point of weekend painter and escape into the world of showcase is not for free. Well, I hope I can make  my effort and passion for artwork  worth for rewards in both emotional and substantial wave in the near future.

This painting was done on a Sunday morning quite a time ago, I wanted to play with blue plants picked from the flower bed in the apartment where I resided. Not sure the name of it, it looks like
hydrangea probably.