Monday, September 9, 2013

Pastel Painting 29

                                           Let it be still (Pastel 5 x7)

This is one the daily painting series listed on the Dailypaintworks. The reference photo came from the winter scene and this place is one of the Buford River, GA areas, It was winter and mostly the area was about  bare branches and its color was muted and mood is so cold and calm. I experimented this scene in various ways and medium. I did this with watercolor previously and that turned out to be more colorful.  This is my second experiment with the same scene but with different media, pastel.
I tried not to use detail work but, making an effort to reduce detail is not that easy. I used to ended up with more elaborate work. Maybe I want more imaginative and abstract or ethereal world.  Completed painting is monotone and I put some flowery look onto the foreground. Less is more, it remind me of this again. Oh.