Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pastel painting 30

                                                      Dream of forest (pastel: 5 x7 )

These days, my eyes look for simple form for my painting subject. I browsed some reference material obtained last summer. They were all mostly from G.A. period. I call it.
2 years in there, I still possess the memories and reflections and emotions, and all the happenings and experiences, and family matter associated with mom. Those days include some good thing and bad things as well. Oh well, I just now share good thoughts and good days anyway. One of the nice and wonderful thing is that I was so close to the nature and keep me emotionally related to it. It was good
communication and ideal experience. I just dreamed of nice thing about natural surroundings in our lives. I wish I could live like forest in the wilderness and dream of my future. It is too much extravagant wish for me?