Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dry landscape of CA in winter season

Quiet Trail(Oil on gessoboard - 5/7)


In California, winter is not like winter at all. It seems that There is no winter season.
For hiking, I went out for a park, not much crowd in Rocky Oak park, which is located within 10 miles from my place. Kind of dry images were there. No moisture.No rain and
all grasses and plants were  kind of enduring the absolute dehydration. Only sunshine.
Contemplating over the features of season, I thought ever sunshine was not always favorable as much as evergreen was. It brings me the metaphor of happenings  in we human beings' lives. Ever rich is not always valuable. May  Ever rising up is not so desirable without knowing being fallen down. That is why many people learn how to cope with the adverse environment. Life has ups and down. You can't deny it. Season needs to dry and humidity. We cherish the moisture most when we lack of it. I miss moisture in CA.