Monday, February 17, 2014

oil painting - Winter landscape

Morning Lake( 5x7 : oil on Arches oil paper)

I still refer to South Eastern landscape. Perhaps I miss GA scenes much.
I remember that I woke up early in the morning to return to this lake for strolling and taking some photos a couple of weeks before leaving for CA.   The surface is paper for oil and 
this is first experiment on paper with oil. It does not smooth for brush stroke comparing to gessoboard  which is so slick and sometimes and it is uncontrollable. For under-color on this paper, I should wait for it completely dry before I start contour line. 

Hidden Path (oil on Artches paper: 6 x6) 

I think I am lingering on winter images for a while. Next few days, probably my heart will remain onto  winter, cool solitary and moody scene.  Winter is short and  it passes by quickly. While I can, I should hold and hanging with winter memory.

As I know it will not be that long before I  will be in summer mode for CA scene quite a long season.